The Benefits of UV Printing

Written on Monday, October 7th, 2013
The Benefits of UV Printing

UV Printing has been hailed as the future of commercial printing. So what exactly is UV printing and what are the benefits of UV printing?

Simply stated, UV printing is a process that uses a specific ink and UV lights to create a high quality product. More specifically, UV printing allows for high quality, durable printing on almost ANY flat surface up to 2” thick. This opens up the world of printing and publicity to seemingly endless possibilities, just imagine printing your brand onto:

  1. Plastic & rubber
  2. Glass & acrylic
  3. Wood
  4. Aluminum & other metals

Having the ability to print on such a wide variety of materials enables a wider scope of possibilities when creating signage, marketing materials or other branded publicity pieces. More than that, UV printing provides a durable ink that is water proof, scratch resistant and doesn't fade.

Another benefit of UV printing is that because the ink dries instantly through the use of ultra-violet light curing, production time is greatly reduced. In fact, because there are no water based solvents used during production, the UV printing process enables direct printing onto materials, saving time and production costs. And because UV printing production emits no pollution and contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents, UV printing is an incredibly environmentally friendly process.

To reiterate, the benefits of UV printing make it an appealing option for a lot of business owners. UV printing:

  1. Allows printing on any flat surface including glass, wood, acrylic, etc.
  2. Provides a durable material that is water resistant, scratch resistant and doesn't fade.
  3. Dries instantly, reducing production time.
  4. Contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents and production emits no pollution.

For a high quality product that stands out and is environmentally friendly and economical, contact us to learn more about UV printing.